Social Dancing

Have you ever seen anyone, dancing at a night club, and thought to yourself: “Wow! I’d love to be able to dance like that!”? Maybe it was one of those moments whereby a couple was dancing, to a slow song, and simply looked so passionately in love; thanks to the synergy between them, partly because they were actually ‘DANCING’ and looked ‘part of the music, in an art-form’, as they stood out, on the dance floor! Or maybe you were impressed by a high-energy couple, who were the shining stars of the floor; as they were twisting and turning like pro’s, so effortlessly!

One of the many things that sets Studio 18 apart, from other dance ‘schools’ is that we are less ‘school’ like, and purposely place a higher emphasis on exactly how dancing is supposed to ‘feel’! Our studio is owned and operated by a life-long “student” of ballroom/latin dancing, and who still is, quite frankly, a “student” of dance! This is why we have a “Student First” philosophy! More specifically; our objective, each and every day, is to bring a whole lot of ‘feel good’ into the lives of our student clientele! And with our fun and exciting dance parties, and easy-to-follow group classes, we happily achieve our objective every day!

If you would like to be the one, soon being admired on the dance floor … then please just enter your e-mail address, in the box below, for your introductory private lesson with one of our amazing instructors, and we will have you achieving your own dance goals; in no time!

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