Ballroom and Latin Dancing - It's all in the way you move!

Learn Ballroom and Latin Dancing including Salsa and Tango

Whether you take your lessons together with a partner or opt to partner-up with one of our Ballroom dance instructors, learning how to dance at Studio 18 is easier than you may think! Our fabulous staff will have you learning how to dance in no time. Before long, you could be dancing a beautiful Waltz or Foxtrot. You can choose to spice things up with a sharp and seductive Tango. Plus, you’d be surprised how little time it will take you to warm up to the romance of Rumba, the sex-appeal of the Cha-Cha, and the sizzle of Mambo or Salsa. And there’s no need to stop there! Enjoy private lessons, group classes, nightly practice dance parties and more!  Just imagine it, you’ll be dancing the Salsa in a sexier way than you ever thought ballroom dancing could look.  Ballroom Dancing has come to South Jersey, in the Atlantic City area, in a classier and more elaborate way than ever expected. Visit Studio 18 once … and you’ll never look back.

Click on any one or more of the below dance styles, to see a short video and additional information of each dance style:

Rhythm (aka: Latin) Dances: Rhythm (Swing) Dances: Smooth Dances: Blend (Rhythm & Smooth; combined into one beautiful dance style)