Learn to Dance the Bachata

Learn how to dance the Bachata at South Jersey’s Best Dance Studio.

The definition of “bachata” meaning something like “a raunchy party.” The name “Bachata” itself implies so-called “low class” people with “loose” morals. This is why a number of ladies will only dance bachata with their known dance partner(s), and not with a total stranger who may have approached them for a dance, for the first time. Now that we have your attention, here’s the good news! Bachata doesn’t have to be danced in a “raunchy” or “morally loose” way at all. After viewing the video; you can of course be the judge of how (and with whom) you may dance the bachata!

On the technical explanation side… Bachata is actually a partial Merengue, with a “toe tap” added. To keep things on the ‘higher class side’ (so to speak), the couple would dance a ‘comfortably safe’ distance apart from one another (similar to dancing a Merengue). But whenever the subject couple may consensually make things a little ‘steamy’… they dance very close (probably actually touching; body-to-body) and instead of a mere “toe tap” being used…they would accentuate the toe tap with a “hip-pop”. And to even take it one step further… while the ‘follower’ would be doing a ‘hip-pop’, the leader could actually be doing a “hip-thrust”. Now; you can see why the word “consensual” was used; herein.

Bachata Dancing began to catch on (in latin club venues) in the late 1980’s / early 1990’s. Since then; it’s increasing popularity has been amazing! Nowadays; almost anytime you see a “Salsa Dance” being promoted; you can bet that there will be quite a bit of bachata music being played as well. Bachata truly is an awesome dance!

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