Ballet, Tap and Jazz

We Do Not currently offer Ballet, Jazz or Tap.

Learn the fundamentals in these classic styles of dance.

Dancers of all ages can benefit from the grace and confidence that comes from taking Ballet. You’ll be stretching and swaying like a real ballerina in no time with the help of our amazing instructors. Gain a better understanding of how to do a great turn or learn how to look longer and more fluid on the dance floor. Ballet aids with training in all other forms of dance, so why not give it a whirl?

Have you ever wanted to Tap Dance your way up the wall and onto the ceiling like Fred Astaire in “Royal Wedding”? Well, we can’t change gravity for you but we sure can teach you everything else! Shuffle and ball-change your way through the world of tap dance in our classes. Every skill level will be catered to when it comes to the dance of the movie stars. You’ll be “Puttin’ on The Ritz” and tapping out into the streets after you master our moves!

Learn how to really emote through dance in Jazz class. A fusion of many styles, jazz is the dance that has been defined by American history and breaks the boundaries of traditional dance. Slink, hunch, and jump in this powerful form of expression. Let the music flow through you and move you. All kinds of dancers will love the pure emotion that goes into jazz dance and can benefit from the skills that jazz dance instills!

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