In short; Mambo is sometimes commonly known as “Ballroom Salsa”. Mambo was thus, alive and well, long before salsa originated. As a result; to the untrained eye, one may honestly be unable to tell the difference between the 2 dances. In technical terms, the steps are counted differently, for each… In more simple terms, mambo is a bit slower than salsa, and incorporates a bit more hip action (aka: “cuban motion”) for both the leader and follower. The bottom line is that mambo is every bit of fun and exciting as salsa! In fact; a given dance couple can elect to dance either of the 2 dance styles, to the applicable music, because what’s applicable to one, is also applicable to the other.

Rhythm (aka: Latin) Dances: Rhythm (Swing) Dances: Smooth Dances: Blend (Rhythm & Smooth; combined into one beautiful dance style)

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