Meet Our Staff

Meet our owner, Alex Kazmarck

Alex KazmarckCelebrating 18 years of experience as a dance student, owner and founder, Alex Kazmarck knows what it takes to build the perfect dance studio.  Driven by the idea of creating a studio “for the student, by a student”, he knows members will find their home away from home at Studio 18.

Alex Kazmarck was born and rasied at 18th and Asbury in lovely Ocean City, NJ.  The boardwalk was home to his first entrepreneurial endeavor, a T-shirt business (and he didn’t even know anything about T-shirts!).  Since then, the store has grown into the Surf Mall, one of Ocean City’s most successful businesses!  His ideas have led him down many paths in life and ended in multiple successes but none have been as intriguing to him as Ballroom and Latin dance.  It was this passion for dance that caused him to give up his old hobbies (18 holes of golf) and travel the tri-state area as a student.  Recently, however, Alex realized that it was time for him to start a new project, building his own studio!  His dreams became realty with the creation of Studio 18.  Alex has lovingly crafted a space where his devotion to dance is apparent in every detail.  Our main dance floor is a special reflection of that devotion.  He chose to call it the Sonrisa Ballroom because “sonrisa” is Spanish for smile, which he hopes to see you doing a lot at Studio 18(Fun Fact: Smile is also Alex’s favorite song!)

Alex would like to personally invite you to visit Studio 18, where you can tour our beautiful studio, and meet our staff personally! You may contact us, to schedule a personalized tour, or you may simply drop-in and pay us a visit; at your convenience.

Meet the Professional and Friendly Staff of Studio 18:


Can Muhammed Karagoz “Instructor”

Originally from Turkey and joining us from New York, Muhammed is well known as a performer and instructor of many dance ballroom and Latin dance styles. As a professional ballroom & Latin dancer he was a finalist in multiple competitions around the world. He also taught as a celebrity dance coach in many locations across the country at beginner and advanced levels. Muhammed earned his degree in physical education.  He has also had a great deal of experience in show business as the lead performer in a musical back in Turkey with other roles in television and movies.  His television debut was on a show called Kusursuz Dugun with aired in Turkey and he has been featured as a dancer on “Musical Chairs” by director Susan Seidelman and “Arrivals and Departures” the movie.
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Kim “Instructor”

Kim is passionate about spreading the love of Salsa, Bachata, and many other social dances. Kim brings to lessons the patience of an elementary school teacher, the gracefulness of a ballet dancer, the high energy of a former professional “clogger”, the musicality of a trained musician, the ability to fine tune students’ movements for better connection and Latin presentation, and, of course, the flare for ladies’ styling. For the past six years, Kim has taught ‘Club Salsa’ in many venues including Atlantic City casinos, various dance studios, the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City, local schools, park and recreation programs, and social events. With Kim’s precise instruction and enthusiastic encouragement, students quickly become proficient in the Latin Club dances.