Learn Belly Dancing (all ages and levels)

BELLY DANCING IS BACK! Classes are on Thursdays at 6pm.

Belly Dancer

Shake your hips like Shakira, learn the ancient and exotic art of belly dance! You can learn how to Belly Dance quickly and easily.  It’s fun and great exercise. You will enjoy a calorie burning exercise while experiencing a new style of movement. Dancers of all ages are able to thrive in this low-impact and lively form of dance.

History of Belly Dance
Belly dancing, which is taught at Studio 18, came to America thanks to a number of immigrants from Middle Eastern and North African countries such as Turkey, Syria, and Eygpt. It was made famous at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago but met with harsh criticism considering the dress and movements of the dancers. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the dance began to gain popularity. Today, we are lucky to enjoy belly-dancing right here at Studio 18!

Benefits of Belly Dance
Belly dancing is a non-impact exercise that involves bodily isolations.

  • Isolations of the hips and abdomen improve flexibility of the spine while elongating and strengthening the torso.
  • It is great exercise for the prevention of osteoporosis.
  • You can burn the same amount of calories belly dancing as you can swimming or bicycling.
  • It is an aerobic exercise and can result in increased stamina.
  • Many people who practice belly-dancing report increased relaxation after their workout.

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