Merengue is, by far, the easiest dance to learn! In fact; it is the very dance that many instructors use, to prove that there is simply no such thing as ’2 Left Feet’! But do not let the ‘ease’ of the dance fool you into suspecting that merengue would be boring! Nothing could be further from the truth! As basic, and as easy, as merengue is, it eventually progresses to intermediate and advanced patterns that will have you looking like a real pro! Furthermore; many astute dance instructors utilize merengue, in their teaching methods, as a prelude to other dances such as salsa, mambo and hustle! So; that’s a good tip for those who want to learn salsa, mambo or hustle… Tackle merengue initially, and the other 3 dance styles will then be easier to learn!

Rhythm (aka: Latin) Dances: Rhythm (Swing) Dances: Smooth Dances: Blend (Rhythm & Smooth; combined into one beautiful dance style)

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