Learn to dance the Salsa ... the passionate dance!

The Salsa is one of the most popular Ballroom Dances. There are countless numbers of nightclubs, dance clubs and latin clubs worldwide, that dedicate their entire music venue to it! These venues also often include music for 2 other popular latin dance styles: Merengue and Bachata. The basic salsa dance, which is taught at Studio 18, South Jersey’s Number One Dance Club, is actually not that difficult to learn. In fact; it is often said that “if you can count to ‘seven’, you can dance salsa”! That may sound like a bit of an exaggeration; but in all honesty, it’s very true! The bottom line is that salsa is more fun than one can possibly imagine! It’s one of those dances whereby anyone/everyone, from all levels (absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced level dancers) can all share the dance floor and have an absolute blast! Once you start dancing salsa, you will never seem to be able to get enough!!!

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