Benefits of Dance

Dance can enhance your life in a number of ways!


Dance is an amazing way to get in shape and stay in shape. While you’re learning new steps and having a great time, you’ll be getting a standard cardio-vascular workout. Depending on how long you dance and how vigorously, you can burn anywhere between 250 calories to 700 calories an hour! Can you imagine? All while you are having the time of your life!

Body Image

Aside from aiding in weight loss, dance also improves bodily appearance by training you in proper posture and essentially lengthening your limbs to produce a more graceful figure. However, most importantly, dance is proven to build confidence and give you more positive feelings about your body and appearance. You will hold your head higher knowing that you can create art with your body on the dance floor.

Increased Mobility

Dancers are more flexible and have more stamina than those who do not dance. Practicing dance can help you to complete everyday tasks quicker and more effortlessly. Imagine waking up without a stiff back or picking something up off the ground without any hesitation. Dance can help to make those everyday pains a little easier.

Social Life

You would never believe how many great people you’ll meet while learning to dance! At Studio 18, we have plenty of chances for you to interact with other dancers at weekly practice parties. You’ll suddenly find your calendar crowded with invitations from your new friends! Plus, you’ll be able to go out to places you never thought of going before, simply to light up the dance floor! People will so impressed with your dancing that complete strangers will come up to you just to say “Hello”!

Rekindling A Spark

You may have heard it before, but learning to dance with that special someone can completely recharge a relationship! Dancing is a special kind of intimacy that requires two people to in-sync and fully involved. It would be fun and interesting to see a side of your loved-one that you never saw before! Plus, dancing would open up your social life. Imagine going out to a club on a Friday night and feeling all eyes on you as the two of you gracefully glide across the floor. An experience like that is sure to be exciting!


Like any other special skill, knowing how to dance gives you confidence. With the assurance that you learned something and continue to get better at it everyday, you will feel as if you can take on new challenges.

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