Pole Fitness and Dancing .. for everyone (all levels)

Pole Fitness is no longer available at Studio 18!


Pole Fitness Dancing Group Sessions

Pole Dance Classes are taught for all levels. So, if you’re just thinking about it for the first time, and would like to try out a Pole Dance Class, private or group, just contact us.  Anyone can benefit from Pole Classes.  You can learn how to Pole Dance for pleasure, exercise or for any reason at all. It’s the newest craze. Come join us for a Pole class and you’ll surely enjoy and benefit from every moment you spend with us.

Let us show you a thing or two about the fitness craze that is sweeping the nation! Pole dancing has a rich history in fitness as well as entertainment, and you will love learning the techniques brought to you in our classes! Dancers of many skill levels can enjoy pole dancing as a sultry new way to workout.

History of Pole Dance
Modern day pole dancing evolved from a combination of techniques used by Chinese acrobats, Indian wrestlers, and Western entertainers. The acrobats of China used the pole to demonstrate amazing feats of strength while the wrestlers of India would use it strictly for training. Western entertainers, on the other hand, well that is where we get all of those sexy dance moves! A blend of dance and fitness like the one achieved today is a great way to exercise. The International Pole Dance Fitness Association is even working toward getting pole dancing into the Olympics!

Benefits of Pole Dance

  • Learning moves on the pole will help build strength and stamina as well as tone the entire body.
  • Pole dancing increases confidence and promotes a positive body image.
  • You be able to watch yourself advancing as you continue to take classes and take on more difficult moves.

The Trocadero Room
Our Trocadero room was designed exclusively for our pole dancing classes. It is private and intimate to allow for comfortable sessions. It also features mirrored walls and professionally installed poles.


Please wear clothes that are comfortable and will allow your body to move. Beginners typically start in bare feet but heels are a great option! Shorts are also recommended but not mandatory.