West Coast Swing

Much like the way New York City claims to own the origin of the dance ‘Hustle’, the entire state of California stakes such a claim for the increasingly-popular dance ‘West Coast Swing’! There are many versions of west coast swing (‘WCS’), which many people boil down to just 2 very broad versions: ‘Country’ and ‘Modern’. But the true WCS Lover knows that there are a whole lot more…!!! The gamut can run from a somewhat conservative upright-postured style… to a more funky side… or to a very popular version which is a hot-partnered smooth jazz type of appeal; whereby the subject partners dance somewhat ‘down & dirty’, so to speak. But don’t get frightened! Clothing is still mandatory! This is definitely one of the dance styles whereby the ‘follower’ gets to ‘play’ and ‘dance outside the box’, so to speak! Self-expression is what this dance style is all about!

Rhythm (aka: Latin) Dances: Rhythm (Swing) Dances: Smooth Dances: Blend (Rhythm & Smooth; combined into one beautiful dance style)

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