John Travolta, White Suit, Fancy “Look-at-Me” Pose! Get the picture?!? If you remember the 70′s, you know that the movie ‘Saturday Night Fever’ was a huge part of what epitomized the 70′s! And the dance…was (and still is) known as ‘Hustle’ (aka: ‘Disco’).

New York City is said to be the birthplace of hustle, at the beginning of the 1970′s. The dance became so popular, and spread throughout the entire world, so rapidly, that today; there are several versions/styles within hustle itself. It should be known that hustle’s actual origin is in fact ‘Latin-inspired’. Most of the upper-body positioning, and arm-movements, are based on the popular latin dance ‘Merengue’. And the turns, most often done by the ‘follower’, are done with the speed of ‘Salsa’!

For pure beginners, the best way to learn hustle, is to begin with what is known as a “4-count hustle” (as a prelude to learning the more common and most popular “3-count” version… aka: “And-One Hustle”). Some will disagree with that statement; however. So it truly is a matter of opinion and/or preference among both instructors and students. The bottom line is, no matter how you slice it; hustle is all about high-energy and a boat load of fun! And by the way; today’s hustle lovers are not ‘stuck in the 70′s’! No way! Much of today’s ‘Top 40′ sounds are in fact hustle tunes! Generally; whenever you see people ‘freestyle dancing’, in a club, a given couple could connect and break out into an electrifying hustle at any given moment!!!

Rhythm (aka: Latin) Dances: Rhythm (Swing) Dances: Smooth Dances: Blend (Rhythm & Smooth; combined into one beautiful dance style)

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